How to install Rocky Linux on a virtual machine

In this post I would like to show you how to install Rocky Linux.

Rocky Linux is a Linux distribution developed by Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation. It is intended to be a downstream release using the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) operating system source code. You can download the latest version here.

I will create a new VM and install Rocky Linux on it. I will use VMware Fusion.

Rocky Linux
Rocky Linux

Select the language to use during the installation process.

Select the language to use during the installation process
Select the language to use during the installation process

Specify the timezone from the Installation summary window.

Installation summary
Installation summary

Press Done after selecting the right timezone. You will go back to the Installation summary window.

Select the timezone
Select the timezone

Next, you need to choose the Software Selection. I will use Server with GUI. Press Done to move to the next step.

Software Selection Window
Software Selection Window

Specify the Installation Destination. You need to select the hard disk and partition it according to your needs.

Select the hard disk on which OS will be installed
Select the hard disk on which OS will be installed

Press Done to move to the next step.

Enable the network interface and give a host name to your VM. Press Done to move to the next step.

Specify the host name and enable the network interface

Configure the root password.

root password

If the selected password is too simplistic, you will need to press Done 2 times in order to move to the next step.

Configure the root password
Configure the root password

Press the Begin Installation button to move to the next step.

Press Begin Installation to move to the next step
Press Begin Installation to move to the next step

Wait a couple of minutes for the installation process to finish.

Installation progress
Installation progress

When the installation is complete, press the Reboot System button.

Reboot the system
Reboot the system

After the system is rebooted, press on the Start Setup button to create an account and enable some features.

Start Setup Window
Start Setup Window

Press Next in the following window.

Create an user account. Add your full name. It will be used to generate the username. When ready, press the Next button.

Create an user account
Create an user account

Specify a password for the new user account.

Add a password for the new account
Add a password for the new account

Press Start Using Rocky Linux to explore the new operating system.

Rocky Linux
Rocky Linux

Open a terminal and upgrade the software to its latest version. Press Y and Enter when asked if this is ok.

[petru@rocky ~]$ sudo yum update
[sudo] password for petru: 
Last metadata expiration check: 0:01:36 ago on Sun 15 Oct 2023 19:06:20 BST.
Dependencies resolved.
 Package                   Arch   Version                       Repo       Size
 kernel                    x86_64 5.14.0-284.30.1.el9_2         baseos    3.4 M
 NetworkManager            x86_64 1:1.42.2-8.el9_2              baseos    2.2 M
 NetworkManager-adsl       x86_64 1:1.42.2-8.el9_2              baseos     32 k
 NetworkManager-bluetooth  x86_64 1:1.42.2-8.el9_2              baseos     58 k
                           noarch 1:1.42.2-8.el9_2              baseos     18 k
 NetworkManager-libnm      x86_64 1:1.42.2-8.el9_2              baseos    1.8 M
 NetworkManager-team       x86_64 1:1.42.2-8.el9_2              baseos     37 k
 NetworkManager-tui        x86_64 1:1.42.2-8.el9_2              baseos    239 k
 NetworkManager-wifi       x86_64 1:1.42.2-8.el9_2              baseos     78 k
 NetworkManager-wwan       x86_64 1:1.42.2-8.el9_2              baseos     65 k
 avahi                     x86_64 0.8-12.el9_2.1                baseos    287 k
 avahi-glib                x86_64 0.8-12.el9_2.1                appstream  13 k
 avahi-libs                x86_64 0.8-12.el9_2.1                baseos     66 k
 bind-libs                 x86_64 32:9.16.23-11.el9_2.2         appstream 1.2 M
 bind-license              noarch 32:9.16.23-11.el9_2.2         appstream  12 k
 bind-utils                x86_64 32:9.16.23-11.el9_2.2         appstream 198 k
 bpftool                   x86_64 7.0.0-284.30.1.el9_2          baseos    4.1 M
 c-ares                    x86_64 1.17.1-5.el9_2.1              baseos    102 k
 ca-certificates           noarch 2023.2.60_v7.0.306-90.1.el9_2 baseos    835 k
 cockpit                   x86_64 286.2-1.el9_2                 baseos     39 k
 cockpit-bridge            x86_64 286.2-1.el9_2                 baseos    268 k
 cockpit-packagekit        noarch 286.2-1.el9_2                 appstream 690 k
 cockpit-storaged          noarch 286.2-1.el9_2                 appstream 682 k
 cockpit-system            noarch 286.2-1.el9_2                 baseos    3.8 M
 cockpit-ws                x86_64 286.2-1.el9_2                 baseos    853 k
 criu                      x86_64 3.17-5.el9_2                  appstream 543 k
 criu-libs                 x86_64 3.17-5.el9_2                  appstream  31 k
 crypto-policies           noarch 20221215-1.git9a18988.el9_2.1 baseos     51 k
 crypto-policies-scripts   noarch 20221215-1.git9a18988.el9_2.1 baseos     78 k
 cups                      x86_64 1:2.3.3op2-16.el9_2.1         appstream 1.3 M
 cups-client               x86_64 1:2.3.3op2-16.el9_2.1         appstream  66 k
 cups-filesystem           noarch 1:2.3.3op2-16.el9_2.1         appstream 9.1 k
 cups-filters              x86_64 1.28.7-11.el9_2.1             appstream 759 k
 cups-filters-libs         x86_64 1.28.7-11.el9_2.1             appstream 132 k
 cups-ipptool              x86_64 1:2.3.3op2-16.el9_2.1         appstream 3.8 M
 cups-libs                 x86_64 1:2.3.3op2-16.el9_2.1         baseos    260 k
 curl                      x86_64 7.76.1-23.el9_2.2             baseos    294 k
 dbus                      x86_64 1:1.12.20-7.el9_2.1           baseos    6.9 k
 dbus-common               noarch 1:1.12.20-7.el9_2.1           baseos     14 k
 dbus-daemon               x86_64 1:1.12.20-7.el9_2.1           appstream 197 k
 dbus-libs                 x86_64 1:1.12.20-7.el9_2.1           baseos    151 k
 dbus-tools                x86_64 1:1.12.20-7.el9_2.1           baseos     51 k
 dmidecode                 x86_64 1:3.3-7.el9_2.1               baseos     86 k
 file                      x86_64 5.39-12.1.el9_2               baseos     48 k
 file-libs                 x86_64 5.39-12.1.el9_2               baseos    588 k
 firefox                   x86_64 115.3.1-1.el9_2               appstream 110 M
 flac-libs                 x86_64 1.3.3-10.el9_2.1              appstream 217 k
 ghostscript               x86_64 9.54.0-10.el9_2               appstream  36 k
 ghostscript-tools-fonts   x86_64 9.54.0-10.el9_2               appstream  11 k
                           x86_64 9.54.0-10.el9_2               appstream  11 k
 glibc                     x86_64 2.34-60.el9_2.7               baseos    1.9 M
 glibc-all-langpacks       x86_64 2.34-60.el9_2.7               baseos     18 M
 glibc-common              x86_64 2.34-60.el9_2.7               baseos    306 k
 glibc-gconv-extra         x86_64 2.34-60.el9_2.7               baseos    1.6 M
 glibc-langpack-en         x86_64 2.34-60.el9_2.7               baseos    564 k
 gnome-classic-session     noarch 40.7-7.el9_2.1                appstream  34 k
                           noarch 40.7-7.el9_2.1                appstream  16 k
                           noarch 40.7-7.el9_2.1                appstream 215 k
                           noarch 40.7-7.el9_2.1                appstream  35 k
                           noarch 40.7-7.el9_2.1                appstream  10 k
                           noarch 40.7-7.el9_2.1                appstream  15 k
                           noarch 40.7-7.el9_2.1                appstream  24 k
 gnutls                    x86_64 3.7.6-21.el9_2                baseos    1.0 M
 grub2-common              noarch 1:2.06-61.el9_2.1.rocky.0.2   baseos    904 k
 grub2-pc                  x86_64 1:2.06-61.el9_2.1.rocky.0.2   baseos     14 k
 grub2-pc-modules          noarch 1:2.06-61.el9_2.1.rocky.0.2   baseos    910 k
 grub2-tools               x86_64 1:2.06-61.el9_2.1.rocky.0.2   baseos    1.8 M
 grub2-tools-minimal       x86_64 1:2.06-61.el9_2.1.rocky.0.2   baseos    602 k
 iwl100-firmware           noarch           baseos    159 k
 iwl1000-firmware          noarch 1:         baseos    160 k
 iwl105-firmware           noarch          baseos    238 k
 iwl135-firmware           noarch          baseos    247 k
 iwl2000-firmware          noarch          baseos    241 k
 iwl2030-firmware          noarch          baseos    249 k
 iwl3160-firmware          noarch 1:        baseos    516 k
 iwl5000-firmware          noarch          baseos    157 k
 iwl5150-firmware          noarch            baseos    156 k
 iwl6000g2a-firmware       noarch          baseos    224 k
 iwl6000g2b-firmware       noarch          baseos    226 k
 iwl6050-firmware          noarch           baseos    182 k
 iwl7260-firmware          noarch 1:        baseos     37 M
 kernel-tools              x86_64 5.14.0-284.30.1.el9_2         baseos    3.6 M
 kernel-tools-libs         x86_64 5.14.0-284.30.1.el9_2         baseos    3.4 M
 kexec-tools               x86_64 2.0.25-13.el9_2.1             baseos    480 k
 krb5-libs                 x86_64 1.20.1-9.el9_2                baseos    716 k
 less                      x86_64 590-2.el9_2                   baseos    160 k
 libcap                    x86_64 2.48-9.el9_2                  baseos     67 k
 libcurl                   x86_64 7.76.1-23.el9_2.2             baseos    284 k
 libeconf                  x86_64 0.4.1-3.el9_2                 baseos     26 k
 libertas-sd8787-firmware  noarch 20230310-135.el9_2            baseos    333 k
 libgs                     x86_64 9.54.0-10.el9_2               appstream 3.1 M
 libinput                  x86_64 1.19.3-4.el9_2                appstream 194 k
 libipa_hbac               x86_64 2.8.2-3.el9_2                 baseos     37 k
 libnvme                   x86_64 1.2-3.el9_2                   baseos     80 k
 librsvg2                  x86_64 2.50.7-1.el9_2.1              appstream 3.3 M
 librsvg2-tools            x86_64 2.50.7-1.el9_2.1              appstream  18 k
 libsmbclient              x86_64 4.17.5-103.el9_2              baseos     73 k
 libsss_certmap            x86_64 2.8.2-3.el9_2                 baseos     91 k
 libsss_idmap              x86_64 2.8.2-3.el9_2                 baseos     42 k
 libsss_nss_idmap          x86_64 2.8.2-3.el9_2                 baseos     46 k
 libsss_sudo               x86_64 2.8.2-3.el9_2                 baseos     36 k
 libtiff                   x86_64 4.4.0-8.el9_2                 appstream 195 k
 libvpx                    x86_64 1.9.0-7.el9_2                 appstream 1.0 M
 libwbclient               x86_64 4.17.5-103.el9_2              baseos     40 k
 libwebp                   x86_64 1.2.0-7.el9_2                 appstream 276 k
 libxml2                   x86_64 2.9.13-3.el9_2.1              baseos    746 k
 linux-firmware            noarch 20230310-135.el9_2            baseos    285 M
 linux-firmware-whence     noarch 20230310-135.el9_2            baseos     72 k
 microcode_ctl             noarch 4:20220809-2.20230808.2.el9_2 baseos    7.7 M
 net-snmp-libs             x86_64 1:5.9.1-11.el9_2              appstream 740 k
 netavark                  x86_64 2:1.5.1-2.el9_2               appstream 2.6 M
 netronome-firmware        noarch 20230310-135.el9_2            baseos    4.4 M
 nspr                      x86_64 4.35.0-3.el9_2                appstream 134 k
 nss                       x86_64 3.90.0-3.el9_2                appstream 704 k
 nss-softokn               x86_64 3.90.0-3.el9_2                appstream 380 k
 nss-softokn-freebl        x86_64 3.90.0-3.el9_2                appstream 326 k
 nss-sysinit               x86_64 3.90.0-3.el9_2                appstream  19 k
 nss-util                  x86_64 3.90.0-3.el9_2                appstream  88 k
 nvme-cli                  x86_64 2.2.1-4.el9_2                 baseos    653 k
 open-vm-tools             x86_64 12.1.5-1.el9_2.3              appstream 851 k
 open-vm-tools-desktop     x86_64 12.1.5-1.el9_2.3              appstream 158 k
 openssh                   x86_64 8.7p1-30.el9_2                baseos    452 k
 openssh-clients           x86_64 8.7p1-30.el9_2                baseos    700 k
 openssh-server            x86_64 8.7p1-30.el9_2                baseos    453 k
 openssl                   x86_64 1:3.0.7-17.el9_2              baseos    1.2 M
 openssl-libs              x86_64 1:3.0.7-17.el9_2              baseos    2.1 M
 ostree                    x86_64 2023.1-7.el9_2                appstream 243 k
 ostree-libs               x86_64 2023.1-7.el9_2                appstream 442 k
 pipewire                  x86_64 0.3.47-4.el9_2                appstream  29 k
 pipewire-alsa             x86_64 0.3.47-4.el9_2                appstream  52 k
 pipewire-gstreamer        x86_64 0.3.47-4.el9_2                appstream  49 k
                           x86_64 0.3.47-4.el9_2                appstream 125 k
 pipewire-libs             x86_64 0.3.47-4.el9_2                appstream 1.5 M
 pipewire-pulseaudio       x86_64 0.3.47-4.el9_2                appstream  18 k
 pipewire-utils            x86_64 0.3.47-4.el9_2                appstream 314 k
 podman                    x86_64 2:4.4.1-13.el9_2              appstream  14 M
                           noarch 3.9.16-1.el9_2.2              appstream 8.6 k
 python3                   x86_64 3.9.16-1.el9_2.2              baseos     25 k
 python3-file-magic        noarch 5.39-12.1.el9_2               appstream  16 k
 python3-libs              x86_64 3.9.16-1.el9_2.2              baseos    7.3 M
 python3-libxml2           x86_64 2.9.13-3.el9_2.1              baseos    225 k
 python3-perf              x86_64 5.14.0-284.30.1.el9_2         baseos    3.5 M
 python3-requests          noarch 2.25.1-7.el9_2                baseos    113 k
 qemu-guest-agent          x86_64 17:7.2.0-14.el9_2.5           appstream 446 k
 rocky-gpg-keys            noarch 9.2-1.6.el9                   baseos     13 k
 rocky-release             noarch 9.2-1.6.el9                   baseos     23 k
 rocky-repos               noarch 9.2-1.6.el9                   baseos     12 k
 rsyslog                   x86_64 8.2102.0-113.el9_2.1          appstream 741 k
 rsyslog-gnutls            x86_64 8.2102.0-113.el9_2.1          appstream  28 k
 rsyslog-gssapi            x86_64 8.2102.0-113.el9_2.1          appstream  29 k
 rsyslog-logrotate         x86_64 8.2102.0-113.el9_2.1          appstream  10 k
 rsyslog-relp              x86_64 8.2102.0-113.el9_2.1          appstream  29 k
 samba-client-libs         x86_64 4.17.5-103.el9_2              baseos    5.0 M
 samba-common              noarch 4.17.5-103.el9_2              baseos    147 k
 samba-common-libs         x86_64 4.17.5-103.el9_2              baseos     98 k
 selinux-policy            noarch 38.1.11-2.el9_2.4             baseos     50 k
 selinux-policy-targeted   noarch 38.1.11-2.el9_2.4             baseos    6.4 M
 sos                       noarch 4.6.0-2.el9                   baseos    799 k
 sssd                      x86_64 2.8.2-3.el9_2                 baseos     28 k
 sssd-ad                   x86_64 2.8.2-3.el9_2                 baseos    214 k
 sssd-client               x86_64 2.8.2-3.el9_2                 baseos    157 k
 sssd-common               x86_64 2.8.2-3.el9_2                 baseos    1.6 M
 sssd-common-pac           x86_64 2.8.2-3.el9_2                 baseos     97 k
 sssd-ipa                  x86_64 2.8.2-3.el9_2                 baseos    275 k
 sssd-kcm                  x86_64 2.8.2-3.el9_2                 baseos    109 k
 sssd-krb5                 x86_64 2.8.2-3.el9_2                 baseos     74 k
 sssd-krb5-common          x86_64 2.8.2-3.el9_2                 baseos     90 k
 sssd-ldap                 x86_64 2.8.2-3.el9_2                 baseos    160 k
 sssd-proxy                x86_64 2.8.2-3.el9_2                 baseos     71 k
 systemd                   x86_64 252-14.el9_2.3.0.1            baseos    3.9 M
 systemd-libs              x86_64 252-14.el9_2.3.0.1            baseos    645 k
 systemd-pam               x86_64 252-14.el9_2.3.0.1            baseos    254 k
 systemd-rpm-macros        noarch 252-14.el9_2.3.0.1            baseos     42 k
 systemd-udev              x86_64 252-14.el9_2.3.0.1            baseos    1.8 M
 texlive-lib               x86_64 9:20200406-26.el9_2           appstream 475 k
 webkit2gtk3               x86_64 2.38.5-1.el9_2.3              appstream  18 M
 webkit2gtk3-jsc           x86_64 2.38.5-1.el9_2.3              appstream 3.2 M
Installing dependencies:
 grub2-tools-efi           x86_64 1:2.06-61.el9_2.1.rocky.0.2   baseos    540 k
 grub2-tools-extra         x86_64 1:2.06-61.el9_2.1.rocky.0.2   baseos    839 k
 kernel-core               x86_64 5.14.0-284.30.1.el9_2         baseos     17 M
 kernel-modules            x86_64 5.14.0-284.30.1.el9_2         baseos     37 M
 kernel-modules-core       x86_64 5.14.0-284.30.1.el9_2         baseos     35 M

Transaction Summary
Install    6 Packages
Upgrade  176 Packages

Total download size: 698 M
Is this ok [y/N]: 
Update the software
Update the software

Press Y when asked if you want to import the GPG key.

Import the GPG key
Import the GPG key

When the update process finishes, enjoy exploring the new Linux distribution.

os-release file
os-release file

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