Ransomware defense awareness

Since October is Cybersecurity awareness month, I thought I should write a post regarding this topic and suggest a book about ransomware.

The book title is “Ransomware Defense” and it can be downloaded from here: https://umbrella.cisco.com/ransomware-defense-dummies-2nd-edition.

By reading this book, you will understand:

  • How ransomware operates;
  • You will find some strategies that you can implement to reduce the risk and cost of ransomware;
  • You will find about Cisco‘s new best-of-bread network security architecture;
  • You will read about how some Cisco customers implemented this new solution;
  • The last chapter describes 10 key ransomware defense takeaways.

As you may know, ransomware is a type of software that seeks to expose or wipe your important information if you do not pay a ransom. It achieves this by encrypting your data. Unless the ransom is paid you do not have access to your data. Usually, the software is spread via phishing emails as attachments. Another popular method of spreading it is by using a Trojan disguised as a legitimate software which you install on your machine.

In order to re-establish your data, you need to have a backup. It is important to have a backup strategy in place and to avoid paying the ransom. This way the malicious actors will be discouraged to use this technique. If you pay the ransom, you will encourage them to create/deploy new malware and spread it globally.

If you would like to find more about ransomware and how to be protected against it, take some time and read the book. It is not very long (46 pages) and you will be more aware of what you need to do in the event of an attack.

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