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Hello all! After writing several articles for various knowledge bases, I decided to start writing about my journey into the IT world. This is my first post and, hopefully, it will be followed by many more. On this Platform, I intend to write about the challenges I encounter daily while working in Technical Support and about my learning journey in the IT field.

This began in 2006 when I started to study Information Technology at the Technical University of Moldova. My dream was to build games after I graduated. However, life took me in another direction, which is Technical Support.

I fell in love with IT when I took my first CCNA course developed by Cisco. I enjoyed learning about networks and how computers speak to each other. I was so excited about the Cisco curriculum that I decided to participate in the NetRiders competition (a competition organized by Cisco Networking Academy). I finished 4th in the NetRiders Moldova 2012 competition. After passing the CCNA exam and obtaining the CCNA certification, I was able to land my first IT job in Romania as a Help Desk Engineer.

For the next few years, I continued to learn networking and moved from Help Desk to Technical Support focusing on network technologies. I spent almost 3 years working in JTAC (Juniper Technical Assistance Center). At the same time, I continued to broaden my knowledge in other IT areas. I discovered Linux and spent some time learning about it. I have a great passion for Linux and open-source technologies. Recently, I started working on AWS and Kubernetes.

My aim is to advance my knowledge in AWS and Kubernetes and move from theoretical to more practical things while doing so. The idea is to gain more practical experience and to use all the accumulated knowledge in my day-to-day activities.

I hope that my research for this blog will help me to deepen my expertise in AWS, Kubernetes, and Linux by writing and sharing my ideas with other people.

I would be truly happy to find out about your journey. How did you start and what are your interests now?

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