Thoughts on “Mastering Linux Administration”

Mastering Linux Administration by Alexandru Calcatinge and Julian Balog.

I think this book is a great starting point for someone who wants to have a good read about Linux or to give a nice present to someone looking to explore Linux.

It starts with Linux basic administration. It guides the reader through the selection of a Linux distro and the installation of 2 of the most used ones: Ubuntu and CentOS. From concepts for absolute beginners, it continues with more intermediate/advanced topics like disks and filesystems, networking in Linux and Securing the Linux environment.

In the last part, it explores additional concepts close to the Linux world like containers, Kubernetes and deploying Linux in a cloud environment.

I will keep this book on my desk on a day-to-day basis for when I need a refresher on different topics I work with, but do not use frequently.

For me it was a pleasure to discover these two authors and I will follow them for new releases on related topics.

If you would like to buy and read this book, you can find it here:  Mastering Linux Administration.

What do you think about the book?

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